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What’s the expiration date?

How long can your breast milk stay at room temperature? In the fridge? Learn the facts.

How to use your Purely Yours Ultra

Learn how a proper breast pump can make breastfeeding easier and more effective.

Ameda's Proven Airlock Protection™

Proven Airlock Protection™ helps protect your breast milk from bacteria, mold and viruses with Proven Airlock Protection while pumping.

Ameda's CustomFit Flange System™

Every mother needs her breast pump flange to “fit” for the greatest comfort and best milk flow. Enjoy a good flange fit at your very first pumping and later as your body changes with Ameda's CustomFit Flange System™.

Ameda's CustomControl™

Ameda's CustomControl™ suction and speed dials don’t make decisions for you or limit your choices like one-dial, pre-programmed pumps. Dual adjustability allows you to choose from a total of 32 combinations— for the best comfort and milk flow every time.

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra

The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra offers all mothers— including full-time working moms—the flexibility, convenience, and styling they need and deserve from their breast pump.

Breastfeeding basics

Like anything else, you should be prepared when beginning to breastfeed. First, you must learn the basics.

Your baby knows how to latch on

Happy breastfeeding begins with a good ‘latch on’ – getting your baby to effectively connect and begin feeding.

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